The feet thing

When I went on a holiday to Egypt with my mom, she asked me why I always photgraph my feet.. Good question! I started thinking about it and the only explanation I have is that I can prove I was there.

It started in Ghana when I was amazed by how dirty feet can get from just walking around town. In Australia I was so happy to see the sea after working on a farm for 3 months, I had to prove I could feel the cold sea water again. And even here in Bali, photographing my feet continued. So it turned into a habit. Not more than that. Until now. Now I started to blog about it.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not obsessed with my own feet. I know I don’t have the most beautiful feet, but they brought me to all the places I visited. They keep me going.


7 thoughts on “The feet thing

  1. “the only explanation I have is that I can prove I was there.”–I really love that. I have not had many chances to travel in my life . I had kiddos when I was pretty young, so I will have the time when they are older–maybe even with them! I am looking forward to reading about your travels, and seeing more “proof” of where your feet have been.

    • Thanks for stopping by! I have quite a bit of travelling ahead so you will certainly see more “proof”. I really hope you get the chance to travel yourself as well and in the mean time you can start planning, that’s half the fun anyway πŸ˜‰

  2. Wow, this interests me. It has got to be something between travellers. I do not get to see my feet that often since they are mostly covered in boots but I just love them too. Not that I am obsessed with them but they simply take me wherever my brain wants to go. I liked to see that it is still possible to have things in common in this day and age. I though Facebook, killed it all.

    • Feet are totally under rated. We have to stop and appreciate them once in a while. Well, once in a while turned into a blog in my case but anyways. Here in Scotland at the moment my feet are in boots all the time as well, doesn’t stop me from taking photo’s of them πŸ™‚

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