Color Rain By Night

It’s been a really long time since my last post but I’ve been so busy with getting my life back on track since returning from Scotland, school work and life in general that I’ve abandoned my blog a bit. I will try to get back to writing as it is something I love to do and commit myself to posting on a regular basis again.

First good news of the day: I’ve booked a weekend Barcelona with my cousin to visit my other cousin that is studying there at the moment. 4 Days of quality time with my cousins and I can’t wait! Now I’ve been to Barcelona before so I’ve seen the touristy bits. This time I want the local experience and find the best kept secrets. So if you have any? Let me know!

Then the second good news of the day: I managed to wash off all the colored powder from last nights Color Rain By Night run! A 4K run where they throw holi colored powder on you every K. The best part was the bag of powder you received at the end of the run and we all threw the powder in the air at the same time.


The third and final good news of the day is that I really actually posted something on my blog again. The only downside of this point is that I really have to get back to my homework now! More about that later.


Dinner in the rain

It seems like the rain is out to catch me. Another story about being caught in the rain and I’ll promise you, this is not the last one..

One of the must-do things in Bali, is a sea food dinner on the beach in Jimbaran. It’s what the place is known for. You pick one of the dozens of restaurants along the beach and enjoy your barbequed sea food during sunset. So I talked to a tour guide from the office, he recommended one restaurant and off we went. We had the luck to get a table in the packed restaurant right by the sea, and enjoyed the last few moments of the sunset. As it became darker, we could see the stars coming out and finally the food arrived. Just as we were finishing the last few bites, the wind started to pick up and we could feel a few raindrops. Stubborn as we were, decided to keep eating our food, hoping it would just pass over. Biggest mistake. It started pouring. Everybody ran inside (including us) carrying plates, standing there in the middle of the restaurant not knowing what to do. The rain soaked our plates and thus our food, there was nowhere to sit so our only option was to grab a cab and go home. “We’ll have coffee on the balcony back home..”

Our dinner, barely finished, soaked by the rain..

Caught in the rain

Choosing a country you want to go to, picking the internship company you want to work at and the first few weeks are really¬†exciting. A new country, a different culture and you’re trying to find your way in this new place. At least, that’s how I experienced my first few weeks here in Bali. Everything was good, the people were nice and I was really excited about the work I was going to do here!

Now, this is not my first office job, I have worked in an office for 6 months before. Even though I didn’t really enjoy the work, I could have a good laugh with my coworkers. If there is something that gets you through a day at the office, it’s laughing. As my mother always says: “A day without laughter, is a day wasted”. To get back to the subject, I can handle work I don’t enjoy, it just makes it harder when there is no laughter..

However, the one thing I can’t handle, is the office rhythm. Working from 9 till 6, Monday to Friday, week in, week out, I loathe it. As a student, I’m used to varying hours. Working in a bar/restaurant where every week you have different shifts is something I adapt to easily. I can’t plan my agenda in detail weeks ahead and it really doesn’t bother me. I love my alternating life.

The few occasions that I can actually leave the office and join a tour somewhere here in Bali, I start to feel happy again. I remember why I came to this Island and why I am in the office. Working towards one goal Рgraduate. Graduate and do wat I want to do again.

Caught in the rain during one of the tours in a coffee plantation.