Saying goodbye to my love Bali..

My feet are finally going to be on the move again. My time in Bali is up and the itch of moving on is growing each minute. I know I haven’t told you anything about the last month (!?) but my final few weeks didn’t go exactly as planned..

The week that was supposed to be my final week at my internship turned into a disaster when I got pretty ill over the weekend. High fever, muscle pain, headache etc. I finally decided to visit a doctor and what I was fearing became true.. I had dengue fever. Almost 6 months of perfect health and there it was, my worst nightmare.

I spend 3 days in the hospital and 5 nights at a friends house recovering and although I felt like crap then, I’m better, if not even better than before! So as my horoscope said yesterday, I’m packing my bags before the boredome sets in. In about 24 hours I will be in Thailand, with my best friend, doing what I love most: Travelling.

The best part for you, my dear followers, is that I will have lots and lots of stories once I get back home, which I will all share with you over time. Back to packing my backpack it is now and time to say goodbye to my love Bali.. I will miss you!




Sunset at Kuta Beach

After a full day of shopping all around Kuta, driving from shopping mall to local markets and  walking down all the main streets, I was tired and just wanted to sit down with a cold drink. What is a better place to do that than the cool shade of an umbrella, while watching the sunset on the beach?

During these sunset hours it seems like the beach transforms. From people soaking in the sun relaxing and surfers in the water to a busy hub I don’t know where to look with all the things going on. The local boys come out to play some football, the love couples walking along the shore and the sports fanatics doing their daily run. When you’re lucky you’ll see a ceremony of some sort with the accompanying traditional music. The more lazy people (including me!) huddle together at one of the beach bars for a sunset drink and the vendors zigzag through the crowd, hoping for a good selling day.

It was on that day full of shopping, when I placed my butt down on a chair not planning to get up anytime soon, that one of the beach bar boys asked me if I wanted to play a game of backgammon. The last time I played that I was on a holiday with my mom years ago but I was up for a challenge!

Living the Bali life, pretty nice right?!

Learn from mistakes..

Everybody makes mistakes. Some have more concequences than others. The best part of making mistakes, no matter what effect they have, is that we learn from them. We grow, eventhough you might not notice it.

Just before the weekend, I made a mistake. I went down to the beach at night with my friend, to look at the stars and just enjoy the Bali life. I put my bag down next to me and the next thing I know, it’s gone. Stolen. To be never found again. My wallet, phone, sunglasses and the most important thing, my lucky beads. (I carry them around everywhere! Even when I’m not travelling!).

So I found myself at the tourist police, at midnight, filing a report. Mind you, this was my first police encounter in the almost 4 months I’ve been here, quite an achievement if I can say myself.. Anyway, after filing the report, had my photo taken with the police officer (he insisted!) I was on my way back to my hotel. Thankfully I have a lovely mom back home that arranged everything for me, including blocking my ATM card and contacting my insurance company.

So in the end, it all turned out fine. These things happen and you can’t do anything about it. I’ve learned from my mistake and keep smiling.


In memory of my bag, wherever you are, thank you for carrying my things!

The hangover

A few weeks ago, I was on a beach party here in Bali. While I was walking around, I saw a girl that looked familiar. This was not the first time this has happend to me, so I didn’t pay much attention to it. However, when I passed her again I was pretty sure I knew her. I plucked up all my courage (I still wasn’t that sure and it wouldn’t be the first time I would make that mistake..). ¬†Turns out I was right and there we were, from the same home town, on the other side of the world without knowing the other person was going to be here! We had dinner shortly after that to catch up and it felt really good talking to somebody from back home in personal after 2 months.

Last night she invited me to join her and a few friends to get dinner followed by a good night out. Party animal as I am (or I would like to think I am..), of course I wanted to join! One beer lead to the other, throw in happy hour and I was having a bit too much fun..

So I woke up this morning with a small hangover and a job to go to. Somehow, this didn’t bother me at all. In fact, I felt strangely comfortable with it! Back home, it has happened to me more than once that I had to get up early after a good night out, to go to school or work. It’s a strange feeling of familiarity. It makes me feel like I have a life again. Or better to say, my student life back again!

My student life. I know I have been missing it, but really, so much that I need to go to work with a hangover?