That’s it, from now on I’m Canadian

The European Cup. How cool would it be to stay up all night, go to a bar to watch the Dutch orange lions kick some German butt, go to sleep for 2 hours and wake up full of energy, laughing and making fun of my German co-workers. Bye bye dream..

Fighting against my sleep, sitting in a bar with Dutch and German supporters, a vomiting guy behind me, listening to the Germans screem their team towards the victory, 2 hours of sleep, waking up even more tired and hearing how well Germany played last night. Hello reality..

My genius plan now (if I can say so myself) is to tell everybody I’m actually Canadian and it’s not even a lie. Although I don’t have a Canadian passport, being born there make me technically a Canadian, right? Right!?

Anyway, at least I’m on the other side of the world and don’t have to watch all the orange decoration that remind me of the awful defeat..