Happy Belated Birthday to ME!


Happy Belated Birthday to ME!

Birthday Girl


A little tradition

My mood shifted yesterday as I realised that today would be my dad’s birthday. A friend from back home was here with me, whoes parents live on the Island. We went out the night before and relaxed on the beach during the day, but all I wanted was to be alone. Not very nice of me eh? I can explain.You see, I’m an only child and since I was little I like my time alone. I very much enjoy my own company and I need my little “me-time”. Not that I’m a loner though, sometimes I just need to be alone with my thoughts.

Especially on this date, I need my time alone. There’s this little tradition I have on my dad’s birthday. No matter where I am, I go out and by a piece of cake. I sit somewhere quiet where I can just sit and think of him, nobody around me. The reason I want to be by myself is because I’m not very good at hiding how I feel. I smile when I’m happy, my eyes shoot fire when I’m angry and I get quiet when something is on my mind. So on this day I don’t want to explain what’s on my mind or why I’m so quiet. I don’t like people looking at me in that sad way, asking me 3 times if I’m sure I’m allright..

So no photo of my feet today. I am fine, just needed to get this off my chest.

Happy birthday daddy.