I Promise Myself..

Saying goodbye to 2013 with a sigaret in my hand. Never have I felt so shit, you have been my most challenging year ever. Next year will be different.

So for 2014, I promise myself:
– To be honest to myself.
– To take every opportunity that comes along
– To dance and sing more
– To travel more
– To not be so hard for myself
– To live life

This year I will be myself again.

All the best to you all, may 2014 be awesome!

Lots of love,


Color Rain By Night

It’s been a really long time since my last post but I’ve been so busy with getting my life back on track since returning from Scotland, school work and life in general that I’ve abandoned my blog a bit. I will try to get back to writing as it is something I love to do and commit myself to posting on a regular basis again.

First good news of the day: I’ve booked a weekend Barcelona with my cousin to visit my other cousin that is studying there at the moment. 4 Days of quality time with my cousins and I can’t wait! Now I’ve been to Barcelona before so I’ve seen the touristy bits. This time I want the local experience and find the best kept secrets. So if you have any? Let me know!

Then the second good news of the day: I managed to wash off all the colored powder from last nights Color Rain By Night run! A 4K run where they throw holi colored powder on you every K. The best part was the bag of powder you received at the end of the run and we all threw the powder in the air at the same time.


The third and final good news of the day is that I really actually posted something on my blog again. The only downside of this point is that I really have to get back to my homework now! More about that later.

Not So MovingFeet Anymore

The first thought I had after stepping on Dutch grounds was sh*t, I won’t be able to really travel for the next year and a half. Walking through Schiphol, seeing all those people ready for take-off, hours away from their next big adventure, made me green of jealousy. At first. 5 Steps later and the calm sea of home washed over me. This was where I needed to be right now.
Tomorrow I have been home for exactly two weeks and it’s like I never left. My flat is exactly the same again, my friends are still by my side and I already have my job back. School starts Tuesday and I’ve been living in a haze. I’ve had time to settle in, see my friends and hang out with my new boyfriend.
My new boyfriend who took the week off to hang out with me, to spend some time together. Walking through the city, a day trip snowboarding, cooking, lying on the couch watching films, seeing friends, just being together.
So now I have written and finished another chapter in my life, ready to begin a new one. Taking parts of previous chapters with me, leaving things behind and adding new stories.
From being a girl that was running away from her life, to being a girl that wants to face life full on. I’m ready to be home and most importantly, stay home. I want to finish my degree, build a base here. No more running away from now on.
My dear followers, this doesn’t mean my feet won’t be moving again. The places might not be far from my home for now, but adventure can be just around the corner.
MovingFeet - Snowboarding

East, West, Home Best

After a birthday beer at the airport with my friend Mike, who I have spend last weekend celebrating our birthdays with, a short flight and a rainy Dutch welcome, my feet have taken me home. 2 Weeks of catching up with my friends and family and all the other joys of being home.

One of the first things I had to do, was say hi to my dad.

MF - Daddy

Now it’s time get my Santa outfit and running shoes on. Running 5K in the cold and rain, but everything for charity! And a little bit for the social side of course.

Happy to be home again!


Home for a Holiday

To give you an idea of where I went, where I am and where I’m going, a little update. About 2 weeks ago, I arrived back home in Holland. After 6 months of Asia, it was nice to be in a western country. I absolutely loved Asia with all the habits, lifestyle and food, but there’s no place like home right?

After a warm welcome by my mom at the airport, she took me back to her house. You see, I rented my lovely room in the middle of Amersfoort out for a year. So I have to live with my mom, my stepdad and my stepbrother in a town next to Amersfoort. I guess it could be worse and this way I can enjoy my mom taking care of me but the only thing keeping me sane at the moment is the thought of my next adventure! Don’t get me wrong, I love my mom very much. However, once you moved out of your parents house, travelled around and lived by your own rules, moving back in can cause some frustration.. I’m dealing with these frustrations and my mom totally understands them so there’s still peace and love in the house.

Another point of frustration is all my stuff. I simply have no space to store it all so everything is all over my bedroom (big praise for my mom who is a total neat freak and can’t stand clutter). At the same time I have to sort everything out and start thinking about the things I want to pack for my next adventure..

Yes people, in 2 weeks I’ll be moving to Aberdeen, Scotland for 4 months. From hot, humid, sunny Asia to cold, rainy, windy Scotland. Storing away my shorts and bikinis and replacing them with warm scarfs and boots. What a transition.. Why did I make this decision again?

Of course I remember. Because I’m going to live on campus! Living student life to the max. The life I missed so much in Bali. To be honest, I’m more of a winter person anyway, or at least that’s what I’m telling myself now. I’ll get a job in a pub somewhere, meet loads of new people and have a blast. Bring it on!

Anyway, I can use all tips and advices possible so don’t be shy and let me know! In the mean time, I suppose I’ll try to tidy up..


Me and my mom on our Egypt holiday