Color Rain By Night

It’s been a really long time since my last post but I’ve been so busy with getting my life back on track since returning from Scotland, school work and life in general that I’ve abandoned my blog a bit. I will try to get back to writing as it is something I love to do and commit myself to posting on a regular basis again.

First good news of the day: I’ve booked a weekend Barcelona with my cousin to visit my other cousin that is studying there at the moment. 4 Days of quality time with my cousins and I can’t wait! Now I’ve been to Barcelona before so I’ve seen the touristy bits. This time I want the local experience and find the best kept secrets. So if you have any? Let me know!

Then the second good news of the day: I managed to wash off all the colored powder from last nights Color Rain By Night run! A 4K run where they throw holi colored powder on you every K. The best part was the bag of powder you received at the end of the run and we all threw the powder in the air at the same time.


The third and final good news of the day is that I really actually posted something on my blog again. The only downside of this point is that I really have to get back to my homework now! More about that later.


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