I Wish I Was A Sheep

With only 4 more weekends left before the Christmas break, every weekend needs to be planned carefully. With Inverness off the table for today due to pricey train tickets, we could not leave a perfect sunny Sunday go to waste. So instead of a train up the coast, we took a bus to Inverurie and made our way to Bennachie Hill.

My flatmate S told me hiking up that hill is a thing every visitor to Aberdeen has to do. All prepared with firm boots and a backpack, the four of us (S and me + A and L from my course) made our way up the hill.

Panting like dogs, burning legs, getting passed by a women in heels, wishing we were sheep with four legs, we made it to the top. Oh the sweet feel of victory. We were on the top of the world today. The breath taking views took all the pain and misery from the walk up away.  

Taking photo’s of your feet can get a bit awkward..

And the result.. Almost at the top!

I used to hate hiking or just going for a walk, but people change and it really was a hike every visitor to Aberdeen needs to do.

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