Flashback: Ghana Confessions

I was just about to go to bed, when I stumbled on the Projects Abroad Ghana Facebook page I am part of. Once in a while I flick through it, read some messages and click away from the page. Just now though, I saw a video was posted about a volunteer D. who is going to travel to Ghana for the fourth time to donate football gear around Ghana. Including the club I volunteered at in my last month: The Cantonments.

My last month in Ghana, I decided to move from Cape Coast to the capital city Accra. Instead of helping in an orphanage, I would be helping/training a football team. An 18 year old girl, trying to teach 12 year olds how to kick a ball around. Looking back I find it hilarious, considering they kicked my ass on the field.. At the same time it turned out to be an experience I will never ever forget in my life.

While looking at this video, my experience flashing before my eyes at the same time, there are some things I just have to throw out there. Call it conscious, call it growing up, call it reflecting on life. It just has to be done.

I was 18 when I decided I wanted to help little kids in Africa. Feeling all grown up and sure I could do this, that they even needed me out there. Boy was I wrong. Thinking about it now, both the kids in the orphanage in Cape Coast and the kids on the football pitch in Accra, taught me more than I did them.

It was my first travel experience and I was suffering a big culture shock, severe homesickness and a lot of insecurity. This all made me a bit shy, on the background, just letting it all happen instead of making things happen. Most of the time, I just wasn’t really me.

During those 4,5 months I didn’t fully realize what I was putting myself through and how much I would value that experience right now. Even though I would do everything different now, I don’t regret one moment.




The Cantonments will always have a special place in my heart.

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