Pumpkin Love

Last night, my flatmate came home with a new fried. A freshly cut pumpkin she made with her Octopush friends. For those who are unfamiliar with octopush, I had no idea what it was either and still think it’s strange, but apparently it’s quite a famous type of underwater hockey.. Click here to see what it exactly is. Anyway, this isn’t about octopush, this is about her new friend the pumpkin.

Just the smell of fresh pumpkin brings me back to my childhood. When living in Canada, we had the tradition just like any other Canadian family to cut out pumpkins. The smell brings me straight back to my childhood. I could sniff pumpkins all day long.

First thing monday morning, I’m buying myself a pumpkin and smell like pumpkin for the whole day. I might even try to make a perfume from the seads.


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