A Cry For Help: Photo Experts Opinions Wanted

For all you photo experts out there, a cry for help from me. In one of my impuls decisions I signed myself up for a photojournalism class here in good ol’ Aberdeen. It is everything I thought it would be and I am absolutely loving it. The only problem is, they don’t really teach me how to take photo’s or what I should be aware of.. As I am always eager to learn (oke, just the subjects I am interested in..), I hereby cry out to you, photo experts-bloggers-YOU!

For my class, we first of all had to pick a subject. How could I choose something else than my moving feet! The perfect opportunity to collect some more photo’s for this blog and actually produce some decent photo’s eventually.. We will be graded on the selection we make ourselves of 20 photo’s and 3 final photo’s. Together they have to tell a certain story. My story being the most interesting of all of course: ME! The story of Kyley, moving her feet around Aberdeen.

So in the last few weeks I have been out and about, excusing myself to my newly made friends while I take photo’s of my feet. Climbing on things, asking them to pose for me and always last of the group, trying to find that awesome shot.

Anyhow, back to my cry. Below are a few photo’s I have taken over the last few weeks and  now if I can be so humble, I would like to ask you photo experts-bloggers-YOU, what you think of them. Any suggestions? Things I need to be aware of? Tips? Opinions? Don’t get me wrong, I know what I like and I know my “style”, but why not use this wonderful world of blogging to get some feedback and maybe improve my game.. I’m going for an A for this subject!

Photo 1.

Photo 2.

Photo 3.

Photo 4.

Photo 5.

Don’t hold back, I’m a strong girl, I can take criticism. Let me hear your voice and share your views with me.


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