A Little Rant

One of my favorite things in life is watching people. I can sit/stand somewhere for hours, by myself, just observing people. It fascinates me how they dress, how they act, how they laugh, how they talk to each other. Having said that, I’ll take you back to last night, when me and some house mates went for a night out.

Standing at the edge of the dance floor, drink in my hand, doing what I love most, one of my house mates came to stand next to me. He asked me if I was having fun and why I wasn’t dancing like everybody else. I explained him my odd habit of people watching and that I can truly enjoy myself just standing there. He thought about it for a while and started to look at the people on the dance floor himself.

Out of the blue, he said that he was so much better than half of the people there. He had money on his bank account, he wasn’t looking for a one night stand like everybody else, there was a girl he thought he made a chance with and a pretty girl just told him he was hot. My jaw just dropped. This is not what people watching is about! You don’t judge, you observe.

I was in total shock. Could not believe my ears. We had a heated discussion and I walked away, ignoring him the rest of the evening. How dare he.

What I still can’t comprehend is where he got the nerve to judge people like that. If there is one thing I have learned in my relatively short life is that every person has his story. Whether they have been through a rough period or no difficulties in life whatsoever, each person has their story. How can you place yourself above others if you know nothing about them?




6 thoughts on “A Little Rant

  1. “How can you place yourself above others if you know nothing about them?”

    Human nature sadly. Some people feel the need to place themselves in a social hierarchy no matter the setting. It is easier to do when you know nothing about people as you can make judgement based on, well nothing really.

      • All to easily done and seems to be the way of the world.
        Many people judge on looks, gender, colour, accent etc etc.

  2. This is called noticing the water and not its waves. I think you should have known it from the moment he started telling you about what he sees and what you are noticing. To have open brain is bigger than having a huge open pocket – no wonder I said, you are above others when it comes to experience. Be wise, don’t waste your time getting angry on these people. They sure are not in the league of you.

    • Hahaha thanks! But still, I don’t think I am above this particular guy. He just has different life experience and by telling him how I feel I suppose I’m just trying to pass on some of that life experience.

  3. There are two ways to look at his comment: the way you do (who does he think he is), or an open minded way (wow, this person has a lot of self confidence and feels good about himself and his life). You just judged him the way he judged other people. And he’s definitely not worth getting angry over! Just smile and leave……
    ^_^ X

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