What Not To Do When the Fire Alarm Sounds

For this little story to make sense, I have to tell you something about the heating in my great new room on campus..

When I first arrived here, the heating wasn’t working. Not a big deal if you’re used to the cold but considering that I just spend 6 months with temperatures not below 28 degrees, I was f*cking freezing. After a week or more of complaining, the day was finally there. We had heating! Now 4 days later, it’s like I’m back in Bali.

We can’t control the heating ourselves. We are supposed to be able to push a button and it will go hot for an hour, but other than that it is supposed to be set at 18 degrees. Just today, they placed a thermometer. While writing this, my room is a stunning 29 degrees. Not only is this a total waste of energy, it’s unbearable and drying my skin out.

Anyway, to the point of the story. This morning at 6.18 a.m. the fire alarm went off. Total confusion came over me as this was the first time ever I had to evacuate. Half a sleep, I wrapped a towel around me, grabbed a jumper and sweatpants and headed outside, thinking I could get dressed later (don’t ask me why, my brain was still sleeping).

You all know about the weather in Scotland and it was pretty stormy all night. Once the cold hit my face and my half naked body, I realised I wasn’t wearing shoes, took 2 sweaters instead of sweatpants and didn’t even think about bringing anything I would want to save. Evacuation is not my strongest point..

I did somehow remember to take a photo of my feet..

It took a while before we knew what was going on and after no sign of a fire at all, we decided to head back in where the janitor told us it was the fire alarm downstairs. The heating in their kitchen was so hot, it actually made the fire alarm go off. So tonight, I’m preparing my evacuation kit with shoes and pants..


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