The Magical World of Freshers Week

Freshers week in Scotland. A full week of partying, drinking, hangovers, meeting people and more drinking. At night the streets are full of students, freshers or not, dressed up or not but all with one thing in common: very drunk. I know Scotland has a drinking reputation but to experience it myself.. I’m shocked!

Lets start with the time they start drinking. Just as I was sipping my coffee after dinner, the downstairs neighbours knocked on the door with a bottle of whiskey in their hand. Time to start drinking! It could not have been later than 7.30 p.m. Where I come from, we don’t start before 10-ish and that’s when we have a party.

After the pre-drinks, it’s time to head in to town at 9, 9.30 p.m. As you all know, Scotland is not known for it’s sunny days or sultry evenings, it’s simply freezing. However, when you look at how the people are dressed, you would think you are in Spain. During summer. Short skirts, tank tops, stilettos, t-shirts and shorts, I think the saying “less is more” fits here perfectly. Here I was, in my jeans, boots, cardigan and jacket, still feeling really cold. These people have some thick skin! Once in the club/bar/pub, I felt stared at. Not for wearing too little, for wearing too much.

To finish it all off, let’s talk party themes. Every night has to have a theme to it. Can you imagine going out not wearing fancy dress? (Did you all get the sarcasm..) From Toga to beach wear, uv-light, pyjama parties, school uniforms and foam parties. The best part is everybody participates. Unlike down to earth Dutchies, who think normal is weird enough.

So I stand at the edge of the dance floor, a drink in my hand, just looking at people. I am having the time of my life (seriously!), observing people. Looking at drunk people sumbling around, laughing and enjoying themselves.

That’s about it. Freshers Week, party all way. It’s 8 p.m. and I have to start getting ready. I’m already late!

3 thoughts on “The Magical World of Freshers Week

  1. 7:30 the time to start drinking? Some lightweight neighbours in your neck of the woods 🙂

    Shame they brought you whiskey instead of Scotland’s national drink, perhaps next time they will have some uisge beatha.

      • I am sure they are as Scottish as they come. Not every knows or needs to know Gaelic. Get them to bring you whisky the next time instead of whiskey and see if you prefer that.

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