Something Different

The highlands of Scotland. My new home for the next 4 months. Even though it’s not really travelling, it’s still a new adventure! And after just 4 days, it’s already been a whole different experience than previous times..

Starting back home. Instead of packing a backpack, strategically thinking how to pack and bringing only necessary things, I could fill up a suitcase and a half. I didn’t have to think about special items I had to take with me as I did before Bali. Didn’t have to be worried of forget something because I’m not moving to a 3rd world country. I’m not even leaving Europe! Even saying goodbye to my friends and family was different. Not only are farewells getting more “easy” ( I really believe farewells are never easy, you just learn how to handle them better each time), it didn’t even feel like saying goodbye. It felt more like I was going on a holiday.

Even my leaving day was different. No panic what so ever if I hadn’t forgotten anything, no butterflies in my stomach (ok, just not as many) and no emotional farewells at the airport. My mom actually came with me for the so called “college drop-off”. So instead of crying my eyes out at the Starbucks, I actually smiled at the boy behind the counter, ordering two coffees instead of one.

The first few days felt like a city trip, the idea of me really living here for the next few months not really sinking in. After picking up my room keys and unpacking my bag, we walked around town, went to the beach and did some shopping. Even saying farewell to my mom, (the hardest farewells of all time), passed without a tear.

Now here I am, living the Scottish student life. Already freezing my ass off without working central heating. Staring my eyes out during Freshers Week parties. Meeting new people from throughout the U.K. and beyond. School hasn’t started yet but I’m sure that as well will be different from Holland. So many new experiences once again and I’m soaking it all up.


4 thoughts on “Something Different

  1. Firstly, welcome to the new wonderful world. New adventures, cold weather and plenty to see and do. I felt the same when I landed the first time in UK but it felt more lonely than ever before but with time I learned my way – making friends was hardest thing but with time again – I moved on. Picked my maps, pinned down the paths and there I go 🙂 Just like another traveler.

    Enjoy your journey, new friends and wonderful experiences.

    • I’m sorry you had a hard time making new friends! For me here it’s a bit different because I’m in student halls, going to school and joined the football team recently! So you are kind of forced to make new friends which is not a bad thing at all! Good to hear that you moved on though, don’t let it get to you!

      • No, I am over it – I was anyways lone most of my life so it is one man battle 🙂 and I have got my two babies with me so there is nothing more that gets to me. Only thing which gets to me are maps and new landscapes. 🙂

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