Back on the Move

The first of many stories. I’ve been back home for about 2 weeks now and it took longer than I thought to orden my thoughts, go through the photo’s and set myself to write. But here we are, I’m going to tell you about Thailand!

After a short flight the moment finally arrived, I saw my best friend after 5 long months! Time to start our month long adventure, starting with a few days in Bangkok. Sitting in the back of a cab, Bangkok skyline in front of me, gave me the feeling once again that I am addicted to.. Travelling. I was finally on the move again! A new city, full of things to discover.

Discover we did. The first day we dropped our bags off at our pre-booked hostel near china town and started to walk. Well, it was more of a dance around the cockroaches than anything else.. After a few blocks and confused looks on our map, a nice man stopped us and told us about this travel agency that could help us with our further plans. Sounds good we thought! Little did we know this place was part of the many shops giving tuk tuk drivers a commission on bringing tourists in.. Our first tuk tuk adventure was a fact. The rest of the night we walked around, visited the night market, went to the train station for tickets and arrived back at the hotel exhausted.

We woke up early the next day for a full day of sight seeiing. China town for the market, where you walk through narrow alleys with stalls selling typical Chinese accesories, Chinese fashion and Chinese food. The heat, many people and small alleys made us a bit claustrofobic so we hauled a tuk tuk, negotiated a lot and were on our way to lumpini park. The contrast between the busy city and this peaceful park was like black and white. To see the whole park you can rent sweet pedalos in the shape of a swan, a welcome alternative after walking for hours..

By the time we finished with the pedalos, we collapsed on a bench in the shade, not knowing what to do with ourselves it was that hot.. We watched people running and biking on the asfalt road that goes around the park, stunned how they didn’t collapse of the heat. A cold drink gave us the strength to move on and take a tuk tuk to the biggest and most famous temples in Bangkok. Highlight being Wat Po. What a huge Buddha that is! The only downside was getting back to our hotel. We were so sick of being ripped off and just wanted to get in a tuk tuk for a normal price, which we managed after talking to what seemed 500 drivers.

Wat Po

My moving feet at the standing Buddha feet.

For dinner we had our first street food and man, how good was that! Simple noodle soup with vegetables and pork, jummie! The next day we had to wake up early to catch our train to Chiang Mai, but that is a whole new story..

So there you go, the first of many stories about my moving feet in Thailand. Did I mention we also went to Lao..?!


Taxi’s in Bangkok

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