Home for a Holiday

To give you an idea of where I went, where I am and where I’m going, a little update. About 2 weeks ago, I arrived back home in Holland. After 6 months of Asia, it was nice to be in a western country. I absolutely loved Asia with all the habits, lifestyle and food, but there’s no place like home right?

After a warm welcome by my mom at the airport, she took me back to her house. You see, I rented my lovely room in the middle of Amersfoort out for a year. So I have to live with my mom, my stepdad and my stepbrother in a town next to Amersfoort. I guess it could be worse and this way I can enjoy my mom taking care of me but the only thing keeping me sane at the moment is the thought of my next adventure! Don’t get me wrong, I love my mom very much. However, once you moved out of your parents house, travelled around and lived by your own rules, moving back in can cause some frustration.. I’m dealing with these frustrations and my mom totally understands them so there’s still peace and love in the house.

Another point of frustration is all my stuff. I simply have no space to store it all so everything is all over my bedroom (big praise for my mom who is a total neat freak and can’t stand clutter). At the same time I have to sort everything out and start thinking about the things I want to pack for my next adventure..

Yes people, in 2 weeks I’ll be moving to Aberdeen, Scotland for 4 months. From hot, humid, sunny Asia to cold, rainy, windy Scotland. Storing away my shorts and bikinis and replacing them with warm scarfs and boots. What a transition.. Why did I make this decision again?

Of course I remember. Because I’m going to live on campus! Living student life to the max. The life I missed so much in Bali. To be honest, I’m more of a winter person anyway, or at least that’s what I’m telling myself now. I’ll get a job in a pub somewhere, meet loads of new people and have a blast. Bring it on!

Anyway, I can use all tips and advices possible so don’t be shy and let me know! In the mean time, I suppose I’ll try to tidy up..


Me and my mom on our Egypt holiday


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