1 Giant Mind: The Bali Experiment

Now you all know about my odd taste of music, I might as well tell you about my “spiritual experiences”. Ever since I can remember I’ve been interested in the “spiritual world”. I have a pack of tarot cards, 2 books about how to use it and 3 or 4 books about dreams. I’ve had a personality analysis based on the planet positions on my date and time of birth. I’ve been to a medium to “communicate” with my dad and I’m thinking about getting hypnotherapy.

I didn’t go to the 1 Giant Mind gathering with the intention to actively participate. I was just curious how it would look like, what it all was about and to have a little taste of the atmosphere. When we arrived at the beach the vibe was relaxed, we took some photo’s and decided to sit right in the middle of everything with kertan music playing on the stage. We were explained what 1 Giant Mind was all about, what research has showed so far and the goal of this gathering by the 2 co-founders and Bapak Merta Ada, a meditation teacher with over 80.000 students. 20 Minutes of eyes closed silence followed.


I sat there, with my eyes closed, very consious of the silence of 2000 people I was sharing this with. I could feel the soft breeze more consious, hear the sound of waves in the background more consious, smell the fresh air more consious. Where I first thought 20 minutes was a long time, during the experience I thought it was not long enough. The eyes closed silence was very relaxing although I didn’t feel like I was truely meditating.

We were lead out of the eyes closed silence by Gary Gorrow, one of the co-founders of 1 Giant Mind. Still with our eyes closed, he started to tell us to combine our inner silence. As soon as he said the words, I felt the physical impact of the engergy created on that beach. I have never in my life experienced anything like it. Slowly we opened our eyes to look at the people around us that we just shared this incredible experience with. The feeling of oneness and unity was dripping off the smiling faces I saw. We were no individuals at this stage, we were truly one.

I’m not saying that I’m hooked on meditation after this experience although I now truly believe that we do need these moments of eyes closed silence. How much impact it has on the world I don’t know. I’m just very thankful I was part of this experiment in Bali, one of the most spiritual places on earth. And how can you leave Bali without at least one spiritual experience?!

Now my questions to you. Have you ever experienced anything like this? Ever felt the physical impact during mass meditation?


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