My spoiled eye

Since the beginning of my internship in Bali, I’ve been going on “hotel inspections”. I walk behind my supervisor, listening to his comments and smiling to the hotel manager. Most of the time we visit a hotel, see the rooms and leave again. However sometimes, there’s more.

Sometimes, you just happen to be at the hotel during lunch time. Not on purpose, it’s just the scedule. So when the hotel offers you a complimentary lunch you can’t decline it. I know I am lucky that I have the opportunity to experience this once in a while. How many people have had a complimentary lunch at a 5 star resort where the private villas are more than their monthly rent a night!

The first few luxury resorts I visited my jaw dropped quite often. The huge private villas, suites and presidentional suites are beyond my words to describe them. More luxury and beautiful than you can imagine and their being in Bali just makes them that more special. As I am still a youngster and still have to learn and experience a lot, my boss teaches me to be critical. Everywhere we go, he points out tiny little flaws such as little stains on cushions, a missing soap bar, no flower on the bed etc. His comments makes me become more critical and I’m starting to look at these 5 star resorts through different, spoiled eyes.

Last week, we were invited to a promotion party. 4 HUGE private villas with sea view, each at least 6 bedrooms, tennis courts and butler service. Once again, my jaw dropped at the entrance. However this time, it closed quicker. Even the fresh coconut juice, Balinese treats and free manicures couldn’t hide the fact that the showers were disappointing, small waterpipes in the garden were visable and the parquet was rotting in some spots. You see what I mean with my spoiled eye? Every other person would walk into these villas, amazed by the whole, including the environment and here I find myself searching for flaws! What’s wrong with me?

Oke, nothing is wrong with me, I’m just becoming more professional. To be honest, if you spend a whole lot of money on your honeymoon to stay in the most beautiful villa, suite, etc., you would want everything to be perfect right? Well that’s what I’m learning to do, to make sure everything is perfect for you.

Lucky me..!


2 thoughts on “My spoiled eye

  1. Wow, just like your Dad who also inspected hotelrooms for the Canadian airline crew to stay in during lay-overs! He also would find something to comment on, eventhough these were 4* hotels. Funny to read this, history repeating itself!
    X Mom

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