The people you meet, the things you read

Just like we all do here, I like reading blogs. It gives insight in other peoples lifes, how they look at certain things and boy, how I like to read about other peoples thoughts! The life stories they have, the travels they made, their adventures, I just can’t get enough of it! So as I was reading along, I stumbled across this blog. When I read that first sentence, it was like it became clear to me what I want to do. Or better said, what I want to become!

“I want to be a tourist for a living, inspiring people to live.”  – CatchCarri

As a Tourism Management student, I get the question “What do you want to with this degree?” a lot. Almost everybody I meet asks me this. I used to answer that I want to see as much of the world as possible, but after reading this I think I found my new answer: “I want to become a tourist”.

While travelling, you meet a lot of new people. Everybody has their story on why or how they are travelling. On the night I was having a bit too much fun, I met this guy from York. He told me he was a lawyer in the army and took a year off work (don’t ask me why, the music was loud and I had a hard time understanding his accent..). He told me he basically got paid to go travelling. When his boss asked him where he wanted to go, he got the money and off he went.

Every traveller I meet, every travel story I hear or read inspires me. There’s a beach party again tonight and I think I just might go. To get the “student life” feeling back and hear some more inspiring stories. After all, every story is unique. What’s your story?

5 thoughts on “The people you meet, the things you read

  1. This is really nice. Even though my calling is not travelling, I enjoy it almost as much n my experiences with people on my travels only make me feel how much more there is to see…….. With the sheer simplicity that you have written your blog, I shall look forward to more posts, as I cannot travel so much, but, am sure I can soak in the experiences 🙂
    Also, I don’t know, but, maybe, you might find something interesting on my travel experiences as well:

    • Thanks for the comment and following my blog! With every story I hear about places I haven’t seen yet I also feel that there is so much more to see. Which is why I can’t stop travelling. The urge to visit all these places becomes too big and off I go.. Like your blog about India! India happens to be at the top of my list of to-visit-places so I think I can get a few tips from your blog as well!

      • Its good to know that my blog might be able to help anyone in any possible way. I got bitten by the travel bug in Europe and hence, have made it a point to travel as much as possible & having never explored India, that is exactly what I am doing. Sometimes, its like being in a very different world in just a matter of a few kilometers.
        Anyways, I am in the middle of my travels so there would be a lot more to write about, I hope 🙂

  2. These days I fid the process of travelling (airports, lugging bags) rather tedious, and I no longer yearn to see other places as much as I did. What gives me huge pleasure, and inspiration, and new ideas, and laughs, and priceless moments, is other people. I never used to be a people-person, and still tend to opt for my own company rather than barging into other people’s days – but last month’s trip to Nepal was a supreme example of the pleasures of sociability. I met a bunch of people who were so welcoming, interested and generous, and who showed that the world was a very small place. Wonderful.

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