A little tradition

My mood shifted yesterday as I realised that today would be my dad’s birthday. A friend from back home was here with me, whoes parents live on the Island. We went out the night before and relaxed on the beach during the day, but all I wanted was to be alone. Not very nice of me eh? I can explain.You see, I’m an only child and since I was little I like my time alone. I very much enjoy my own company and I need my little “me-time”. Not that I’m a loner though, sometimes I just need to be alone with my thoughts.

Especially on this date, I need my time alone. There’s this little tradition I have on my dad’s birthday. No matter where I am, I go out and by a piece of cake. I sit somewhere quiet where I can just sit and think of him, nobody around me. The reason I want to be by myself is because I’m not very good at hiding how I feel. I smile when I’m happy, my eyes shoot fire when I’m angry and I get quiet when something is on my mind. So on this day I don’t want to explain what’s on my mind or why I’m so quiet. I don’t like people looking at me in that sad way, asking me 3 times if I’m sure I’m allright..

So no photo of my feet today. I am fine, just needed to get this off my chest.

Happy birthday daddy.


One thought on “A little tradition

  1. Wow, wat een prachtig verhaal schat! Tranen in mijn ogen terwijl ik dit lees….. Wist helemaal niet dat je dat altijd doet, maar zo mooi om te horen. Dank je wel. Xxx Mams

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