Dinner in the rain

It seems like the rain is out to catch me. Another story about being caught in the rain and I’ll promise you, this is not the last one..

One of the must-do things in Bali, is a sea food dinner on the beach in Jimbaran. It’s what the place is known for. You pick one of the dozens of restaurants along the beach and enjoy your barbequed sea food during sunset. So I talked to a tour guide from the office, he recommended one restaurant and off we went. We had the luck to get a table in the packed restaurant right by the sea, and enjoyed the last few moments of the sunset. As it became darker, we could see the stars coming out and finally the food arrived. Just as we were finishing the last few bites, the wind started to pick up and we could feel a few raindrops. Stubborn as we were, decided to keep eating our food, hoping it would just pass over. Biggest mistake. It started pouring. Everybody ran inside (including us) carrying plates, standing there in the middle of the restaurant not knowing what to do. The rain soaked our plates and thus our food, there was nowhere to sit so our only option was to grab a cab and go home. “We’ll have coffee on the balcony back home..”

Our dinner, barely finished, soaked by the rain..

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