Caught in the rain

Choosing a country you want to go to, picking the internship company you want to work at and the first few weeks are really exciting. A new country, a different culture and you’re trying to find your way in this new place. At least, that’s how I experienced my first few weeks here in Bali. Everything was good, the people were nice and I was really excited about the work I was going to do here!

Now, this is not my first office job, I have worked in an office for 6 months before. Even though I didn’t really enjoy the work, I could have a good laugh with my coworkers. If there is something that gets you through a day at the office, it’s laughing. As my mother always says: “A day without laughter, is a day wasted”. To get back to the subject, I can handle work I don’t enjoy, it just makes it harder when there is no laughter..

However, the one thing I can’t handle, is the office rhythm. Working from 9 till 6, Monday to Friday, week in, week out, I loathe it. As a student, I’m used to varying hours. Working in a bar/restaurant where every week you have different shifts is something I adapt to easily. I can’t plan my agenda in detail weeks ahead and it really doesn’t bother me. I love my alternating life.

The few occasions that I can actually leave the office and join a tour somewhere here in Bali, I start to feel happy again. I remember why I came to this Island and why I am in the office. Working towards one goal – graduate. Graduate and do wat I want to do again.

Caught in the rain during one of the tours in a coffee plantation.


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