Flashback – Lunch time in an orphanage in Ghana

One of the first things I did, after deciding to start up this blog, was go through all my travel photo’s. I could not believe how many photo’s I took of my feet, without realising that I actually had this habit. From every place that I have been to, I have at least one foto of my feet. All those photo’s brought back some really good memories.

In 2008, I finished secondary school. All my friends were excited to go to University but I just didn’t feel like it. I was looking forward to graduate and be finished with school for a little while. I could actually do what I wanted to do. I did feel the presure of the teachers, trying to help you with picking a course and University, I just had the feeling it wasn’t real. So I took a gap year, worked full time for 5 months and off I went. Volunteer work in Ghana, that’s what I wanted to do.

My friends and family encouraged me to go, but why Ghana? Well, to be honest, it was just a gut feeling. I was never obsessed with Africa, let alone live there for 5 months! But somehow suddenly I wanted to go there. 4 Months working in an orphanage, 1 month coaching a soccer team (more about that later on..).

Lunch time in the orphanage started with a song, to thank god for the food and water. They would stand up, close their eyes and sing without shame. Every day I would see this and every time it was just as amazing. After the song they would sit down and wait for their food, served by the oldest kids. Talking wasn’t allowed so they would just sit there, swinging with their legs, waiting for their food. During the whole meal, nobody would speak. An occasional giggle, but all the kids new they had to be quiet.

So when I was sitting on a bench, waiting for the kids to finish their lunch, I saw a pile of shoes. Not one matching pair. However, I never saw the kids walking around with 2 different shoes..


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